Automated Visitor Management

GuestPass™ is a visitor registration and management solution delivered on a tablet device.



No visitor slips to file, no monthly records to compile, and your guests will always smile.

Let GuestPass™ introduce you to smooth and secure guest registration as our interactive, fully customizable concierge app replaces your sign-in book and collects the visitor information, enabling you focus on providing your guests a more integrated experience.



Transform your front desk and upgrade your visitors’ reception because first impressions are crucial.


Make your guests sign into your facility using an electronic device rather than manual sheets of paper.


Easy to view historic information on guest activity as the platform brings analytics to a whole new area.


Physical and data security is important and GuestPass™ is a crucial component of any integrated security system.


Know your guests

GuestPass™ enables you collect information in the most unobtrusive and non-invasive way. The interface is designed to lead your guests to happily provide all the information you require of them. Seamlessly capture their photographs and signatures as well as a fully customizable range of other details. When they are done, you’d have all the information you need about them.


Information at your fingertips

From the dashboard you can view information for all users currently in your facility, know the average number of guests that visit daily, view the busiest day ever recorded and much more.

With the Global admin role on GuestPass™, you’ll have all the amazing features of the platform at your fingertips. Set up and manage locations, create and configure account settings, and import and segment employee contacts. The platform also allows you to assign admin roles to others in the company, providing them the specific admin permissions they require.


Custom badge printing

Don’t you just hate those pre-printed visitor tags that rob your guests of their individuality and reduces them to the word ‘Visitor’ and an accompanying number? With GuestPass™ you can automatically print visitor badges with their names and other information after they log in. You can even enable existing physical guest badges on GuestPass™ if you choose to continue using them.


What people are saying about us


This solution has proved to be highly flexible, future proof, and simple to use. All our customers love it (so do we). We cannot recommend it highly enough.


GuestPass is an outstanding guest management system with a lot of features that make our front office operations run much more efficiently.


GuestPass is a topnotch system that enables us have clear oversight of our visitors and vendors. Using GuestPass makes us feel that we have finally arrived.


Guest Pre-registration

Being a great host begins with pre-registering your guests. Whoever they’re visiting amongst your employees can login to the GuestPass™ portal and pre-register them.The guests are sent a pre-registration code with which they sign-in when they arrive at your front desk.

Security Streamlined

The confidentiality of your visitor information is assured, unlike paper guest books. With required contact fields, automatic photo capture, you’ll always know exactly who’s in your building in case an evacuation is required.

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